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Tarkira Tree Rainforest Retreat

Treatments Available


Lomilomi is a gift from the ancient Hawaiian masters of healing, a form of sacred massage in which you are deeply held, nourished and honoured. The giver of lomilomi uses their heart, hands and breath to flow a loving connection into your body and heart, allowing for a deep yet gentle opening into healing to occur.



Breathwork is an incredibly powerful and efficient technique for releasing deep old emotions. It is extremely simple, yet it moves quickly to the root of old trauma, releasing feelings through powerful cathartic expression, carried on sound, on the breath. Instead of constantly reacting to the world as though it is causing your emotions and reactions, breathwork allows you to take deep ownership of your own energy and experience by taking the attention inward, and releasing whatever you find there that does not serve love's purpose. Emotions we all carry such as rage, grief, resentment, fear, loss and hatred, are all powerful sources of healing and energy when they are accessed and released with a strong healing intention and a complete sense of self-love and self-responsibility.



Experience the deep peace and gentle healing vibration of Reiki. Reiki is the simplest and definitely one on the most beautiful healing arts. The hands are gently placed on your body and the exquisite and restful light energy is allowed to flow its healing grace into your being. Reiki energy corrects imbalances, heals and nourishes the body and spirit. It takes you gently into a state of profound relaxation and higher frequency which allows stress, concern, and painful emotions to melt away, as a deep peace takes their place.



The simplest and most powerful of all the healing tools, meditation brings peace and deep relaxation, bliss and a quiet mind and heart. Meditation is a shared vibration, more a gift to receive than a skill to be learned, so come and awaken or deepen your own awareness. Meditation can be approached in so many different ways, and we will tailor a session to whatever suits your need, silent, guided, creative or movement based.


Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage is simply a beautiful way for you to gain the much needed release of stress and busyness from your body and mind and to take abeautiful time-out for yourself. Relaxation massage brings some pampering for your body and rejuvenates your mind and feelings. Helps to balance the demands of a busy life and encourages the body to function at its optimum.



William Holt has studied and practiced astrological counselling for the past 20 years. He is able to give thorough, intuitive and insightful guidance which allows you to more fully understand and navigate the terrain of your life.


  • Street: 1990 Tarra Valley Road
  • City: Tarra Valley
  • Postcode: 3971
  • State: Victoria



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infobottom CALL US: 1300 368 864


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