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90 Mile Beach Marine National Park

Covering 2,750 hectares and five kilometres of coastline, this park is located 30 kilometres south of Sale adjacent to the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park.

The calcarenite reefs are dominated by invertebrates including sponges, ascidians, bryozoans, hydroids and soft coral.

The unusual soft coral (Pseudogorgia godeffroyi) is only found in Victoria between McGaurans and Delray beaches. The Ninety-Mile Beach area has been found to have the highest species diversity anywhere on the planet. In ten square metres 860 species were discovered living in the sand and in one square metre a staggering 187 species.

The fine sands of East Gippsland appear to harbour more animals per square metre than most other marine habitats in the world.

This great diversity is derived from the myriad of small creatures that call this area home. Creatures that burrow into the sand build tiny tubes or scurry around eating the scraps of food that may drift by. Larger animals are far fewer in number.

To conserve their energy and retain access to oxygenated water, animals like crabs, octopuses, brittle stars and shrimp do not burrow very deep. There are plenty of fish and many feed on the seafloor smorgasbord of tiny animals. Schools of pelagic fish like pike, school whiting and snapper are common and the area appears to be a nursery ground for sharks.

Young Great White Sharks can be found in the area chasing snapper, one of their favourite foods.

Camping is available at Seaspray in a commercial caravan park or at one of 18 free Parks Victoria Campsites along the 90 Mile Beach between Seaspray and Golden Beach. B&B and Cabin accommodation is also available in Seaspray.

The park is located adjacent to Merrimans Creek, in the Seaspray township.

Directions: Located at Seaspray, approx 28km from Sale


  • Street: Trood Street
  • City: Seaspray
  • Postcode: 3851
  • State: Victoria

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