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Nooramunga Marine & Coastal Parks

Protected from the pounding surf of Bass Strait by barrier islands, the quiet waters of Nooramunga Marine and Coastal Park create an intricate network of waterways and islands of outstanding environmental significance and scenic beauty, framed by the majesty of Wilson's Promontory.

The park consists of shallow marine waters, isolated granite islands, intertidal mudflats and a complex of over 40 sand barrier islands.

The islands and mudflats of Nooramunga surrounding Port Albert provide an internationally important habitat for migratory wading birds, and support many other significant animals and plants.

Notable bird species include the white bellied sea eagle, the endangered orange bellied parrot, and the rare ground parrot, which lives in coastal heaths.

To the north, Gellions Run contains significant remnants of coastal vegetation which has been extensively altered elsewhere. Nowhere else on the Victorian mainland are there such large areas of saltmarsh and mangroves, with an extensive hinterland of undisturbed natural vegetation. Rare orchids also grow on Gellions Run.

Wild populations of hog deer, an introduced species which is now threatened with extinction in its native Asia, are found on some islands and mainland areas, particularly Gellions Run and Snake Island. The worldwide conservation of hog deer may depend significantly on the Victorian population.

There are protected historic areas at Old Settlement Beach and Tarraville.

Commercial and amateur fishing, including flounder spearing, is permitted, Nooramunga's islands provide sheltered waters for fishermen.


  • Street: Nooramunga
  • City: Port Albert
  • Postcode: 3971
  • State: Victoria

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